About Us

Hi, I’m Anne,

I had always suspected that I was intolerant to gluten and over the decades I have gone through periods of avoiding and then going back to gluten.  I was diagnosed with two autoimmune conditions in 2016 and was advised to go on a 100% gluten free diet which has helped me enormously.

Although there are many gluten free flour blends that we can buy from any supermarket, it is really difficult to get the same texture in baked goods as those containing gluten.  So I set myself the task to try and create gluten free cakes that do not taste or feel like gluten free cakes, if that makes sense?  

We were so happy with our home made gluten free cakes that we wanted to make them available to anyone who is intolerant to gluten, so we came up with the idea of the cake mixes.

Our cake mixes are as easy as A, B, C to prepare and you will be able to share them with family and friends for all to enjoy.  Most of our cake mixes have a 6 month shelf life, so why not keep a couple in the store cupboard  ready for unexpected visitors.

All our recipes have been tried out on unsuspecting gluten eaters, when they were asked if they could tell that the cakes were gluten free the answers were an overwhelming no!

Best wishes.