Gluten Free Recipes for all the Family to Enjoy

Why Gluten Free?

There are many reasons why people follow a gluten free diet. For some it is a medical necessity and for others it is a choice based on a number of factors such as a desire to lose weight. The reasons vary, but many of us starting a gluten free lifestyle face the same initial difficulties when adjusting their diet.  

What foods contain gluten?

Gluten can be found in wheat, barley and rye. Avoiding gluten means avoiding any foods that contain these ingredients. Unfortunately, it is present in many of our standard supermarket choices that we consume on a daily basis. This makes gluten free living appear quite daunting in the beginning, with endless hours spent studying food labels and scanning the internet trying to find tasty gluten free recipes.

Planning your meals can take a lot of time and effort, with many of us resorting to gluten free packaged foods that are found in the free from aisles in supermarkets. Whilst this is a great starting point it’s important to understand the ingredients you are working with so that in the future you can begin to create your own delicious gluten free recipes.

How Can Gluten Free For You And Me Help?

We have designed a range of delicious gluten free recipes for cakes, biscuits and brownies. Our inspiration was derived from personal experience, needing to live a gluten free life for medical reasons and a desire to create delicious recipes from our time spent as highly qualified chefs.

The Best Gluten Free Brownies and Chocolate Cake

We designed our famous gluten free brownies, an extremely popular choice that is not only simple to make but also tastes absolutely delicious – in fact we guarantee that you will not know the difference. What makes this even better is that we send you all the ingredients, measured in individual sachets, so that all you have to do is follow the step-by-step recipe and create your gorgeous rich and chocolatey brownies. The end result being a chocolate brownie that is moist on the inside and crisp on the top.

Gluten free does not have to taste ‘different’ and there is no better example of this then our gluten free chocolate cake recipe. Our versatile chocolate cake mix costs a tiny £5.95 and can be made in either a loaf style cake or in a sandwich tin or tray bake. Perfect when accompanied with custard, ice cream or cream, this chocolate cake is divine and receives many happy reviews from customers of Gluten Free For You and Me.

Foods without Gluten

Finding foods that do not contain gluten no longer has to be so time consuming. Companies like ourselves strive to make gluten free eating as easy and tasty as possible. To view some of our many other gluten free recipes like our gluten free banana bread simply visit our shop.

It’s simple, choose your recipe and we will deliver all the ingredients (measured into the exact units) with a step-by-step recipe straight to your door. You simply bake and sit back and enjoy.